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NRA Certified Instructor

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To all my students,


Americans enjoy a right that many other countries do not. That is the right of Article II of the Constitution of The United States of America, commonly known as “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms”.  Along with that privilege looms huge responsibilities. They are listed as follows:


• Our responsibility to store, operate and maintain his or hers firearm safety

• Our responsibility to ensure his or her firearm is inaccessible to untrained, unauthorized and underage individuals

• Our responsibility to know and understand all laws pertaining to the lawful ownership, use, transportation of his or hers firearm



Concealed Carry Compliance Training

NRA Certified Safety Officer

Phil Scardina

Pete Grover

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In all my years of instructing, competing and handling many types of firearms, I have always remembered one thing. When you lose respect and take firearms for granted that is when you have an accident. Believe me, I have seen it. This is a discipline just like a Martial Art. It will take practice and commitment and when an accident happens, you can’t take it back, it is too late. In addition carrying a firearm will change your life. It changes the way you have to dress, the way you will look different situations, and the responsibility you have decided to place on yourself.  You had better think LONG AND HARD before you decide to use a firearm. It MUST be your last resort. It MUST be a matter of life and death. Please, burn that into your memory because that is the last thing in your life that you want to happen. If you follow these rules, your chances of failure will be greatly diminished.


Your Instructor,


Phil Scardina


Instructors Credentials:


Illinois State Police Certified Concealed Carry Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

NRA Certified Range Officer

Graduate of the Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting

Graduate of the Chapman Academy Tactical Pistol Course

Graduate of the Tactical Defense Institute

Member of the Lyons Combat Pistol Team

Former Member of the International Defensive Pistol Association

1st Place in the Howell Combat Shooting League 2000 - 2001



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